Preparing Canvases

I prepare my own canvases; the top left picture shows the stretcher bars and my first four assembled. I cut my 12oz cotton duck to size with a good fold over on each size, then I start with a staple in the mid bar on one side. I turn the whole through 180 deg. stretch the canvas and then staple in the middle of the opposite side, I then turn through 90 deg, stretch and staple the middle. Turn 180 deg. and staple the middle.  Next stretching as I go I staple along the sides leaving the corners free. I cut across the corners an inch out, fold one side in and then fold the other side of the corners see bottom left.. Next I put hte canvas flat down and paint acrylic / gesso on the back and sides. Turn it over using a cork cut into 4 to balance the underside and paint the flat side. This will take up to 12 hours to dry. I then pint the whole again.  2 coats are generally sufficient but you can use 3. Lastly I rub a base colour on the canvas – I like burnt sienna or brown madder plus white spirit (odourless).


Happy New Year!

Well here we are in 2018! I have spent today running round making sure my art life is on track!

team photo 3 JanThis morning I went to Rochester Adult Centre to ensure the new Rochester and West Kent Art Society exhibition was hung; 10 artists and 23 paintings now adorn the walls of the first floor cafe – many thanks to Lara! This afternoon I have been to the Nucleus Gallery and studio to put away the work I had exhibited there over Christmas and the New Year. I am now looking forward to delivering four new pieces to Capital Gallery in Eltham on Friday.

Christmas is coming!

Delighted to have been exhibiting with the Nucleus resident artists, the exhibition continues until January so still time to come and see our work. I you would like to visit my studio best to e mail me then we can meet and I can show you around! my studio is number 10 upstairs above the Cafe.

These two paintings are in the Gallery next to the Cafe see Chatham Nucleus Arts


Open Studios success

Medway Open Studios has been a great success – many thanks to all who have visited my exhibition!

My thanks to all who have visited my studio over the past 6 weeks; 38 groups have signed my Guest Book and many other have visited. A very enjoyable evening was held on July 16th the first of our lovely warm days made the evening a success. Thank you to all who bought paintings, sketches, prints and cards I do hope you will enjoy them.

My next outing is to the Whitstable Seaside Brocante in St Mary’s Hall in Oxford Street;  do come and visit my stall!