Paintings available December 2020

These paintings are available now, please contact me for more information about price and shipping

The Dark Side – oil on canvas 30″x28″
Cold Winter Sea oil on canvas 24″x24″
Ocean Blue – oil on canvas 12″x12″
Blues and Greens – oil on canvas 12″x12″
Incoming Tide – oil on canvas 12″x12″
Breaking Waves – oil on canvas 24″x24″ (NFS) accepted for the Tokyo Art Fair in May
The Wave’s Progress – oil and pebbles on canvas 28″x28″
In the Light of the Day – oil on canvas 24″x24″
Seascape and Pebbles – oil and pebbles on canvas 20″x20″

Ann works in OILS principally land, sky and seascapes, often working directly out of doors in front of the scene. Her larger paintings are developed in the studio from her experiences en plein air, sketches and photographs.  

She lives in Rochester, Kent, UK and spends time on the coast gaining inspiration for her landscape and seascape paintings both here and on her travels to the coasts of Cornwall.  She has been drawing and painting from 2007, taking up oils 10 years ago.

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