Eclectic Art Gallery, Margate

It is now nearly a year since I was first invited to join this lovely gallery in the heart of the Old Town in Margate, close to the famous Turner Contemporary Gallery.

There is a group of artists exhibiting, we each have a gallery wall which I love because I can display my paintings, changing what is on the wall regularly.  I am getting a following, visitors who have come back, or contacted me. I have also for December, 2020 been exhibiting on the Guest Wall at Westgate Galleria, in a nearby town, and owned by the same  people.

Sadly both galleries are currently closed due to the virus;  the GOOD NEWS is there is a web site and all our paintings and other artwork are available to purchase on line, my paintings and prints can be sent to you, or if oyu live locally there is a click and collect service. Go to

For more information please contact me!