Paintings April 2021

New paintings just framed – these are paintings I have completed in the past few weeks, they are dry, varnished and ready to sell or exhibit – contact Ann for more information

The Sea is Frozen – 16″x16″ oil on canvas
Atlantic Waves Crashing – a statement painting 80cmx80cm deep canvas
Wind Whipping Up – another statement painting 30″x28″
No name yet! still wet! – 70cm x 50cm deep canvas
no name yet – still wet! – another statement painting 24″x24″
Riders in the Sky – oil on canvas 28″ x 24″
The Dark Side – oil on canvas 30″ x 28″
Clouds in the Sky over the Sea – oil on canvas 30£ x 28″
On the Run – oil on canvas 20″ x 20″
Into the Blue – oil on canvas 12″ x 12″
Winter Waves – oil on Canvas 16″ x 16″
January Calm – oil on canvas 24″ x 24X
Choppy Sea – oil on canvas 14″ x 14″ – SOLD
Ann Palmer latesat paintings just framed February 2021
No name – just painted! – oil on canvas 24″ x 24″


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