Christmas is coming!

Delighted to have been exhibiting with the Nucleus resident artists, the exhibition continued until January 2018 and will be repeated in December 2018 so time to starting planning now for this year’s Christmas! If you would like to visit my studio best to e mail me then we can meet and I can show you around! my studio is number 10 upstairs above the Cafe.

These two paintings were in the Gallery next to the Cafe see Chatham Nucleus Arts


Author: Ann

Ann Palmer is a landscape painter based in Rochester, Kent and in the Loire Valley chateau and vineyard region where she owns cottages to rent. She works ‘en plein air’ in oils in Kent and in Touraine in the Loire Valley; her subject matter includes the valleys and coasts of Kent and the vineyards and Chateaux of France. Ann works quickly, resulting in a freshness which is impressionistic yet creates a clarity of subject and defines the mood of the day. Ann uses artist quality oils on acrylic primed MDF using both brushwork and palette knife.